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Elite Minds Inc In South Africa

- July 11, 2013

We support worthy projects and community events whenever possible. We recently sent our president to act as photographer and assistant for the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami. During this South African expedition the team of six studied the behavior of Great White Sharks or assisted those who were doing research.


Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, head of the conservation program and well known shark researcher, is being interviewed by the Discovery Channel for an upcoming Shark Week special.


Here is our team in the shark cage.

A great deal of shark data was collected including what sharks targeted for food, when and where they were active and other data. Contrary to the myth you see on television, these animals are docile and not aggressive. The cage is mainly to prevent accidental harm to the divers and give them something to hold. Based on my observations, it was not necessary to protect divers because the sharks were mostly curious and playful.

Sharks come to Seal Island in False Bay South Africa to feed on specific seals.


Elite Minds Inc Saving Antarctica

- March, 2013

We support worthy projects and environmental sustainability whenever possible. Our President and CEO recently participated in the Antarctica Expedition, Leadership On The Edge. This was a leadership training expedition which also focused on environmental responsibility, social responsibility and preserving the environment through grass roots movements including efficient energy systems. Participants were educated daily and learned survival skills as well as environmental lessons. You can find out more about the 2041 program at


Michael Ford with the US team in Antarctica along with Robert Swan who was the first man to walk to both poles. This photo was taken after a successful hike to a spot called Meditation Point. If you sit quietly on the snow covered mountain you can hear the crack of glaciers releasing and falling into the freezing ocean waters.

Penguins have no fear of humans in Antarctica. Fortunately, special permits are required to actually land on the continent to preserve this final wilderness.

Antarctica is an unimaginably beautiful place which cannot be captured in one photograph. It is important to preserve it so please let your government representatives know there should be no exploitation of this continent including mining or oil drilling.

Here is an  Antarctica Ted Talk by one of my friends in Sri Lanka on our expedition- If you watch closely, you can see me in some of the intro photos. I also took some of the photos including the one with Shamal looking across the ice for the title frame. All videos and photos were taken by our expedition, no stock footage in the intro, we saw it all in person. He goes into detail about what we did too. See it here :

Elite Minds Inc Saving Sharks

- May 16, 2012

We support worthy projects and community events whenever possible. We recently provided completion funding for the shark tagging project of the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami.

Unfortunately, shark populations are experiencing a period of unprecedented declines to due over fishing, some by as much as 99%. Studies estimate that over 100,000 sharks killed every day, primarily for their fins to make shark fin soup. One third of all pelagic sharks are threatened with extinction. This practice is neither sustainable, nor humane.

  • The RJ Dunlap Program (RJD) is using advanced satellite technology to investigate the movements of threatened shark species in the Subtropical Atlantic, particularly hammerhead, tiger, and bull sharks.

  • The goal of this work is to understand the migratory routes and residency patterns of these species to help implement policy that will improve protection for these species (i.e. marine reserve design) while simultaneously providing knowledge that will increase safety for recreational ocean users.

The CEO of Elite Minds Inc, Michael Ford, said, "I have swam with nearly 50 sharks in the ocean and have an appreciation for these creatures that drives me to protect them. I think it is a crime that they are killed for their fins and as caretakers of the Earth we must act to preserve them. When I heard about Neil's project i knew we had to help. This was one step in a long journey, but every journey begins with one step. We had to step up and make this happen."

Michael did not stop with a donation. He traveled to Miami and assisted in collecting research data including muscle biopsy samples, measurements, testing responsiveness and other data as well as tagging sharks so they can be tracked. The data will help determine their health as a result of pollution and the tracking helps monitor their migration and numbers.

Here Michael has just collected a sample of muscle tissue as others take different measurements and samples.

Elite Minds Inc provided completion funding for this project through the University of Miami.

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Miami, said "Wow! Your generous donation allowed us to meet our goal of purchasing a satellite tag to support our shark conservation education and research."

Michael Ford, CEO Elite Minds Inc. on a previous dive with sharks in the Caribbean

Image courtesy of Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas




Elite Minds Inc Feeding Pets

- May 23, 2012

We support worthy projects and community events whenever possible. The Leadership Ventura program sponsored the Ventura County Furry Feeder program to feed the pets of the homeless and low-income. Find out more at VC Furry Feeders.

The Ventura County Furry Feeder Program is an organization working to provide pet food for the pets of the homeless and under privileged in Ventura County.

Many people cannot afford to feed their pet on a regular basis. Many share their own food with their pets. Their pets are important to them because they provide companionship, security and normalcy in their lives. For a homeless person or a low income person, a pet can be an emotional and non judgmental companion. A pet is important to that person's well being and state of mind. Lower income and homeless can keep animals they otherwise might not be able to feed and the program avoids abandonment of animals by those who cannot care for them.

EliteMinds Inc is proud to have provided sign design and clipart services for this project plus our President is one of the founding members of the program.

Flyer for the VC Furry Feeder program.

A donation barrel at Healthy Pet in Thousand Oaks.

Buena Animal Hospital accepts donations in their VC Furry Feeder barrel. There are many other locations around Ventura County where you can drop off donations.


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